Surface Lighting

Enhancing the architecture

Traditionally, surface mounted lighting has been used as a quick fix for spaces with low or vaulted ceilings. Using fewer accessories, the installation is often fairly straightforward and light fittings mounted on a ceiling can hide a multitude of sins. It is often used as a retrofit solution when budget and timescale don’t justify a complete refurbishment allowing the installer to pick up from an existing wiring point.

But there’s so much more to surface mounted lighting!
If used in the right context, it could enhance the architecture and create a visually attractive scheme in modern buildings. As a reference, the surface mounted luminaires at Colston Tower in Bristol creates a modern visual focus in a reception area.

Download - PDF For Surface mounted Lighting Products


Used in standard finishes, the surface mounted lighting can blend into architecture, but give it a splash of a colour it will stand out and create striking designs for everyone to talk about.

Installed in between soundproof bars or wooden slats, the surface mounted luminaires is a great way of creating calmer zones for relaxation or informal meeting areas. The surface mounted Oka was used in this context at the MotoNovo offices in Cardiff.

Surface mounted lighting can become a strong architectural feature in contemporary architecture. Use it symmetrically spaced out or scattered, there is some fun to be had with light fittings mounted on the ceiling or walls. Currently, on trend, we see more and more contemporary spaces using the ceiling-mounted lighting with exposed galvanised tubing on the concrete ceilings. Check out the new office space for Rocket Projects and Platform in Brighton for an inspiration.