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Having closely worked with Architects and Designers, 299 Lighting specialises in the design and supply of Architectural Lighting. Providing solutions for museums, feature spaces, 

exhibitions and church lighting, our experience is second to none.










1#  Customisation

With more architectural spaces becoming more unique and testing the boundaries of what’s possible- sometimes the standard product just won’t do. For example, having a linear LED line of light fitting the length of a room wall to wall or even changing the colour of the light- more is possible with 299 than ever.

Benefitting from a small team with a personable approach to customer service, we are able to specify custom products easily to meet the needs of the architectural space.



2#  Controls

To fine tune the lighting to match the architectural environment it’s in, it is possible to control everything from the brightness of the light to changing the colour of what it emits. Users like to be in control of their environment and make it adaptable for whatever they use the space for. Having completed projects such as The 02 Arena using a DMX control system, the user is able to change the colours according to what’s going on stage. At 299 Lighting we don’t just stop at products, we provide a holistic service giving advice on control systems and their specification.




3# Colour

The colour of light has a huge impact on the environment, whether you wanted a warm atmosphere or a clean, white look. This is an important factor that is often forgotten about and has significant physiological and psychological effects on human perception.

299 Lighting are specialists in understanding the physics of light and what to use in specific spaces.




4#  Get in Touch

If you are working on a project and looking for something that little bit more special when it comes to lighting- then look no further than 299 Lighting.

Our combined experience of specialising in architectural LED lighting makes us the perfect team to work with.


Find out more on  02037737530  or emailing us on info@299lighting.co.uk

















































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