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In an environment where high performance is needed the most, 299 Lighting offer a range of luminaries specifically designed for warehouses, loading bays or manufacturing spaces.  With luminaires engineered for resistance, longevity, efficiency and user comfort- our lighting products are rigorously tested for a high performance. See below for more information on our Industrial Lighting design & supply.








1#  Energy Consumption

Making use of the latest LED technology, our lighting products offer the user significant energy savings when compared with older Metal Halide and high-pressure sodium lamps. Combined with the implementation on intelligent lighting controls, it is possible to reduce energy use by up to 80%. Lighting control systems can be used to dim lighting when nobody is present, or even dim the lighting levels for when daylight increases. These cost saving features can all be implemented using the support of 299 Lighting for a more energy efficient lighting solution.


2#  User Comfort

The most important aspect of lighting an industrial space is having a comfortable, well-lit environment for staff to carry out their tasks effectively. Different levels of light are needed to perform various types of tasks from detailed soldering work or driving forklifts. Optimum employee performance requires excellent lighting; this is where 299 Lighting can provide detailed lighting designs to achieve the very best solution. Taking into consideration factors such as shadow areas, glare at high levels and visual performance.


3#  Performance

Lighting for tough environments requires robust and reliable products. The 299 Industrial products are guaranteed for 5-years with a long service life of 50,000 hours at 70% lumen output, eliminating the need to replace lamps frequently. Designed to take a hit, our bestselling Chelt product is both impact tested to IK07 and ingress protected to IP66 rating. With the advantage of a long lasting product, there are also cost-savings to be made with our efficient LED technology, gaining up to 122 lumens per watt.  


4#  Get in touch

299 Lighting would be excited to hear about your project, implementing our wealth of experience and knowledge on industrial projects to support our passion for lighting.Our design team offer a personal, friendly service to assist in providing the best possible lighting solution for your project.

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