Tobias Grau

Premium office and home lighting

A well-established manufacturer of premium decorative lighting, Tobias Grau has been designing and producing beautiful lighting for high-end offices and domestic applications since 1983. Established in Hamburg by Tobias and Franziska Grau, the company concentrates on timeless design, clean lines and beautiful light. Some of the products designed by Tobias Grau have already become timeless classics.


The common thread between the Home and Office collection is the attention to detail, excellent glare control, smooth dimming and no compromise on the materials used.


The Home collection contains a wide range of premium contemporary pendants as well as organically shaped feature lighting, decorative ceiling and wall mounted fittings, premium spotlights and downlighters. The Home range pushes the boundaries with the CHOICE system offering a unique combination of suspended lighting and spotlights in one system.

New exciting colours and finishes have been introduced into the Home range alongside the latest LED technology. The lighting designed by Tobias Grau is tactile and full of emotion.

The Office collection of premium LED office lights is based on the XT-A range and offers high efficiency, superb glare control and premium design. The XT-A range uses a system of patented OSA lighting grids which gives light a brilliant appearance, reduces glare and offers a high colour rendering. The range includes premium suspended office lighting in linear modules reaching up to 367 cm. Surface and wall mounted luminaires are also available as well as an exciting range of free standing LED office lights. Equipped with movement sensors, the free standing XT-A range is a superb design statement offering the best task lighting with energy efficiency in mind.

The Office range also includes a collection of high-end downlights and spotlights.


If you are looking for the cherry on the top for your commercial office fit-out, a hotel or premium retail space, the Home and Office products from Tobias Grau tick all the right boxes. Their unique shapes, meticulous design details and quality of light are true to their German origin.