Company updates, new product releases and also a little social

New for 2015: The Trinicy and Liquid Line in our Lightnet Range

22 June 2015

We’re very excited to announce two new products from our Lightnet range, the Trinicy and Liquid Line. Two new beautiful feature lighting products, unique to the lighting industry.

RoadTech Training Room, Hertfordshire

05 June 2015

Earlier in 2015, we were approached directly by the client to help replace their lighting for their training room.

Barclays, London

28 November 2014

We recently supplied lighting for a high security-loading bay in a financial district in London. A facilities manager of a large bank approached us with a brief to change the existing lighting for a more efficient alternative that would also reduce glare...

Food hall lighting project completed at MOD

14 November 2014

Colchester Garrison is a major garrison located in Colchester, Essex. It has been an important military base since the Roman era and played a huge role in the Napoleonic wars.

Our New Bristol Office At 299 Lighting!

23 October 2014

Earlier on in the year, 299 Lighting embarked on a new adventure by moving into a new and modern office based in Brislington, Bristol. As a renowned lighting design and supply company, it was only right that we installed products from our high quality product ranges.

Building Lighting Regulations Explained

16 October 2014

There are a number of regulations for new and existing buildings to achieve high energy efficiency projects. With our wide range of high efficiency luminaires energy and maintenance costs can be reduced.

89 Great Eastern Street, London

15 October 2014

Wever & Ducre is a young and funky brand from Belgium. What better opportunity to use their products than in a circus inspired bar in Shoreditch?

Stay in Control: 299 Lighting now supplying Rako Controls

07 October 2014

As well as supplying a diverse range of high quality luminaires, 299 Lighting can now supply Rako control products for your projects.

Bad Lighting drives customers out of Restaurants

11 September 2014

Believe it or not, bad lighting can effectively ruin a restaurant’s business.

The meaning of BREEAM & SKA

05 September 2014

There are many terms and abbreviations that may be confusing when working on projects with other companies. As a Lighting design and supply company, we want our customers to feel in the know. If you’ve heard of BREEAM and SKA then you may need some clarification on what it means, please read on.

Bristol is the European Green Capital for 2015

14 August 2014

Bristol is the European Green capital for 2015, an award to promote and reward efforts by cities that improve the environment.

Lack of LED Lighting in Retail

11 August 2014

According to building research body BRE, LED products still only account for a tiny proportion of lighting in retail. They estimate that LED products make up less than five percent of lighting in the sector. We look into why this is the case, as the use of LED’s can bring many benefits to the retail industry.

Why Acoustic Luminaires?

25 July 2014

If you didn’t receive this week’s newsletter, you will be delighted to know 299 Lighting are now supplying a sound absorbing luminaire range. These exciting new products from our German manufacturer Lightnet, are a solution to a high level of noise in open offices and public spaces.

The Chancellor's Building, University of Bath

27 May 2014

The Bristol branch of Hoare Lea consulting engineers contacted our office in the early summer of 2013 with the University of Bath project..

10-12 Emerald Street, London

06 May 2014

Earlier this year, we were approached by a developer who required lighting design and supply for an upcoming office refurbishment in London.

45 Pall Mall, London

30 April 2014

When we first heard about the opportunity to design and supply the lighting for no. 45 Pall Mall, we were buzzing with excitement. Being part of the design team on one of the streets featured on the Monopoly board does not happen to us every day!

LED Growth Vs Incandescent

24 April 2014

Do we truly understand why governments are pushing out incandescent bulbs and driving us to buy more expensive LED retrofits? Are we getting more value for money or are we falling for another marketing scam?

Future of Lighting? – Philips’ OneSpace

01 April 2014

Philips has now been named in the top 50 of most innovative companies for 2014 by Fast Company, but they have now released the concept of ‘OneSpace’ which could allow them to climb the ladder even faster.

Durasafe, Singapore

06 March 2014

Durasafe is a fantastic safety wears retail company based in Singapore; they brought to us a very interesting project.

Helping you to understand more about lighting – CRI

25 February 2014

The best way to describe the CRI rating of a lamp, is its ability to light objects in a way that is as close to natural daylight as possible in order to create a true representation of colour. Listed below are the three defining features of good CRI;

Bryanston School, Dorset

12 February 2014

We were approached by Bryanston School in 2013 with a request to supply an energy efficient lighting solution that would be sympathetic to the architecture of the church.

20 Imperial Square, Cheltenham

01 January 2014

A renowned interior designer approached us with a lighting design for a new office in Cheltenham in December 2013. The client is a well established accounting company with offices in London and and now in Gloucestershire.

Stoke Paddock, Bristol

04 December 2013

At the end of 2013, our team worked with a Bristol based architect on this high end residential project. The interior and exterior lighting for client's new build house extension were chosen from our range specified by the architect.

Regent Street, London

19 November 2013

One of the most distinctive department stores in London, Liberty London, famous for its Tudor-style exterior and unique prints launched the improved jewellery emporium in July 2012. 

Kingsdown, Bristol

14 November 2013

This high-end residential project based in Bristol was undertaken by the team at 299 Lighting. We have created the lighting and control design for the basement of the house with it's stunning kitchen space and the ground floor which is being used as space for entertaining, ideal for some showstopper pieces.

1 America Square, London

30 October 2013

The Art Deco style tower building One America Square certainly belongs to the landmark skyline of Central London. With it’s 13 floors and 226,000 sq ft recently refurbished office space One America Square offers high quality office space with a location, which is hard to beat.

Packwood House, Sulihull

26 September 2013

299 Lighting succesfully supplied LED feature lighting for one of the National Trust properties in Lapworth. The Packwood House is a 16th century Tudor house, much loved and extensively restored several times. 

Why Restaurants Love LED Lighting

05 September 2013

Restaurants have large overhead costs to consider like everyone else when balancing the books of their business, and their energy bills are a big priority.

Car Park Lighting

03 September 2013

A well-lit car park is not only safer for the public, but can also improve the look of the space quite dramatically. Poorly designed car park lighting can result in higher energy consumption, bad visibility and higher maintenance costs.

Why Does The Opening Angle Of Lighting Matter?

23 August 2013

The opening angle (also called angle of aperture or radiation angle) is the extent to which the light of a light source is spread.