LED lights use approximately 80 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs, and are a cheap and effective way to create beautiful lighting in and around your home.

Here are seven creative ways you can use them:

Child's Night Light

Children at a young age often struggle with the dark and find it difficult to fall asleep. Attaching a strip of LED lights to the underside of their bed can create a soft, relaxing glow that will help them to drift off. The lights are safe to leave on overnight and be attached with sticky tape. Try using manual colour changing lights so that your child can choose which colour they want.

Decorative Vase

Take a set of portable strip of battery powered LED lights and place them into a vase. The glass will help to magnify the light just enough to create a harmonising atmospheric glow. If using a coloured glass, opt for white lights, otherwise experiment with different colour combinations and flashing modes depending on the effect you wish to achieve. Vases like this also make a great centrepiece for a dinner party.

Garden Plants/Garden Paths

Nothing beats relaxing in your garden on a warm summers evening. As the sun begins to set, switch on your garden LED lights and use them to brighten up your most precious plants and features. Fountains will be transformed and pathways can be lit up for added safety.

Funky Disco Furniture/Paintings

If you’re thinking about hosting a party then consider attaching different coloured LEDs to the underside of your furniture to create a dance floor vibe. Add a disco ball and some retro vinyl tunes to really enhance the party atmosphere.

Swimming Pools

Attaching strips of waterproof LEDs to the edge of your swimming pool is a fantastic way to increase safety, especially if you have young children who risk falling in when it’s dark. However, if it’s atmosphere you’re after, attach them to the corners of the pool underwater and vary the colours to create different moods. Darker colours such as red and green work well for the deeper end, while yellow and light blue are better in shallower water.

Sky Lighting

You don't need to cut a hole in the ceiling to enjoy the outdoors from inside. There are LED light panels on the market that can replicate the natural sky – some of them even have moving clouds. Better still, you'll forget all about bad weather during the winter.


Painting and wallpapering may be a thing of the past. Philips have recently developed LED wallpaper that can glow in different shades of colour, which not only eliminates the need to redecorate, but allows you to change the hue to suit your mood. Choose a solid blue if you want to relax, red if you're having a party, or perhaps even mix and match!


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