299 Lighting are now supplying a sound absorbing luminaire range. These exciting new products from the German manufacturer Lightnet, are a solution to a high level of noise in open offices and public spaces. The new acoustic range is a result of work with Akustik plus GmbH, a specialist in acoustics, offering the best available materials and experience in the industry. There are a wide range of material finishes for the sound absorbing luminaires, from contemporary white to a dark walnut finish.

Why the need for Acoustic Luminaires?

Although acoustics is often given a low priority over other project goals, it is still important to achieve a satisfactory noise level in workplaces or public spaces.

Noise can come from outside traffic, machinery such as photocopiers or telephones and voices within the workspace. For example, in a public space such as a library minimal noise is of great importance and sound absorbing luminaires can help achieve this.


How do they work?

If sound is not absorbed, it will continue to bounce around off the walls until drained of energy. In a room with hard walls, this bouncing can go on for quite some time. To put simply, the porous material in the luminaire traps and converts the sound to a very small amount of heat. This reduces the echoes reflecting in a room, creating a quieter environment.

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