Believe it or not, bad lighting can effectively ruin a restaurant’s business.

According to a survey by npower, 88% of brits said lighting in venues such as pubs or restaurants would affect how much they enjoy a date or romantic meal. 71% said lighting is an important factor when choosing a venue for a date, rating above other factors such as price (66%) and music (53%).

In fact, good lighting actually increases the chance of customers returning to a venue again, with a whopping 87% stating they would return to a venue they have been to before for a date. With that being said, establishments who get their lighting wrong may lose some customers forever.

Nearly a third of survey participants have walked out of a business such as a restaurant or bar because of bad lighting, due to the fact that it was either too bright or not bright enough.

It’s crucial that the colour temperature and levels of lighting in bars and restaurants compliments the food served as well as the theme of the interior.

At 299 lighting, we calculate the correct lighting levels for various industries with our in-house design team, to ensure our projects are successful and our clients are happy with our service.

Lighting even has to match the different foods served at different restaurants, for example light bar food goes with soft lighting while sushi looks better in a brighter light.

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