The ECA scheme aims to provide businesses with 100% in their first year tax relief on their qualifying capital expenditure and the ETCL specifies the criteria for energy saving technologies that are supported by it. This means that businesses can write off the whole cost of the equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase. This can provide a cash flow boost and an incentive to invest in energy saving equipment which normally carries a price premium when compared to less efficient alternatives. Brilliant!

All our own range LED products (at the time of writing this) meet the criteria set in the ETCL for their respective sectors; amenity, accent and display lighting; general interior lighting; exterior area lighting; and exterior floodlighting. If you want to know whether any of our other products by our suppliers meet the specifications, just ask and we will let you know.

The ETL or Energy Technology List is a list of compliant products that meet specific criteria for their sector.

The ETL is comprised of  two lists: the Energy Technology Criteria List (ETCL) and the Energy Technology Product List (ETPL). The ETCL sets out the performance criteria that equipment must meet to qualify for the ECA support scheme; whilst the ETPL is the list of products that have been assessed as being compliant with ETCL criteria. However, lighting equipment is an exception to the rule and is not listed on the ETPL.

Spending on lighting plant and machinery which meets the appropriate criteria in the ETCL can qualify for an ECA. Businesses should therefore seek confirmation from their lighting supplier that the equipment complies with ETCL criteria prior to purchase, although many suppliers are currently unaware of these compliancy statements.

So, why is the ETL important? There are a number of factors. The main one being commercial lighting is responsible for over 50TWh/year of electricity consumption within the UK, that’s over 5 million tonnes of carbon emissions. This can be cut by 30-40% if systems were upgraded to ETL compliant products.

However, I know what you’re thinking, “these compliant products have a higher initial cost”. Whilst this is true, the difference is often repaid within 3 years, proving older, cheaper fittings to be a false economy! Help is at hand though for those who can’t afford a ETL fit-out in the form of the ECA Scheme.