Durasafe is a cool safety wear retail company based in Singapore. They approached us directly with a very interesting project enquiry: to revitalise their warehouse shop with industrial looking architectural lighting. This was an exciting time for the 299 team as this project was our first export to Asia. The initial stages of the project were to look through the CAD drawings and establish which products would work best and meet the client’s requirement.

The new lighting had to create an environment that the Durasafe customers would feel familiar with. The lighting would also work alongside the industrial theme as well as helping to sell the products.

The unique style of the suspended feature luminaire Clyde was the product to be placed in breakout area. The client expressed their strong appreciation towards the quality of this product.

For the workstation in the showroom, the slim linear profile Sark was used creating a strong visual element in the space. The direct/indirect light distribution with its overlapping lamp composition avoids dark shadows and creates maximum uniformity. The high ceilings have been illuminated by indirect light to create additional brightness and therefore enhancing the vibrancy of colours within the showroom. Both of Clyde and Sark profiles were supplied with a custom RAL colour finish matching the clients specification.

As you can see from the images the project has been a huge success. Here at 299 we are very excited to have made our mark on a project as far as Singapore and hope we can work with a client like Durasafe again.

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