According to building research body BRE, LED products still only account for a tiny proportion of lighting in retail. They estimate that LED products make up less than five percent of lighting in the sector. We look into why this is the case, as the use of LED’s can bring many benefits to the retail industry.

Studies show that the retail industry is one of the biggest energy consumers and that 43 percent of electricity consumed is used on lighting. With fluorescent lamps still being the most common lamp source used in retail, it is imperative that LEDs are used to their advantage.

The use of LED lamps can save you a considerable amount of money on electricity consumption, and the extremely long lifetime of the LED’s means that once installed there is no need to constantly replace the lamps within the fittings. The upfront cost may be more expensive when comparing to fluorescent lamps, however investing in LED products means that you will spend considerably less on running and maintenance costs.

Other benefits of using LED lighting in retail mean that adjustable spot lights can be used to create accent lighting, and the colour temperature of the LED’s create true colour representation of products on display.


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