Do we truly understand why our governments are pushing out incandescent bulbs and driving us to buy the more expensive replacement LED versions? Are we getting value for money or are we falling for another marketing scam?

Why are incandescent bulbs being phased out? The US department of energy have published figures to promote the fact that the country will be saving up to $6 billion by 2015 from the removal of 100v and 60v incandescent bulbs.

This a huge saving for home owners as well as commercial environments. This push forward replicates our governments want for the world to become more environmentally conscious.

The figures are being published to show the massive saving the ban could create for the average household, but consumers are now asking what should they buy as an alternative now that the standard £1 60W incandescent bulb is no longer available?

LED is set to be the future for all lighting applications, but can the average homeowner understand the massive jump in price? Although there are cheap LED bulbs available on the market, if they are poorly manufactured they are likely to be in-efficient, have a short life span and in some cases are known to be dangerous once installed.

Even the Daily Mail is picking up on the fears of the consumer saying through their independent testers that one in four of the LED bulbs don’t replicate the figures shown on the box for lifespan.

This is painting a bad name for LED bulbs but most importantly shows that buying cheap means buying twice. If you scroll through the world of YouTube you will find multiple videos of people showing how dangerous some China imported LED lamps are, some lacking basic electrical knowledge and live wires are being attached directly to the front plate.

Just plain dangerous all what they seem, one expert even jokes that he has seen bulbs with both 30,000 hours and 50,000 hours lifespan on the same box.

Overall, switching to LED is a positive movement for both businesses and end users. Investing in LED retrofit is worth the money provided you are buying from trustworthy and credited manufacturers to ensure the products are able to provide a long lifespan and are energy efficient.

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