Nestled between the dangerously tempting stationery room and the awe inspiring handbag department, the new Jewellery Emporium of Liberties has over 4,000 treasures on show.

In the second stage of the project, new LED retail lighting for the cabinets and vitrines were required. The world –class reputation of the client was calling for a slick product with a contemporary design and a superb quality of LED.

A very narrow light beam of the LED was essential in order to create lots of reflection, sparkle and drama when lighting different types of crystals and precious metals.

The architect favoured the Stadio from XAL lighting from the very beginning of the design process. Stadio comes with a 16° beam angle producing a very precise light beam with over 90% colour rendering. It can be placed into custom-made vitrines and boxes as it is flexible, extremely efficient and beautifully made.

Stadio is also very practical thanks to its dimming and flexibility in terms of height and swivel position. This gives the department store the flexibility to change the display for different items of fine costume and vintage jewellery.

The client was extremely happy with the service we provided as well as the appearance and overall performance of the product. The new lighting was delivered just in time for the Christmas Jewellery Emporium.

You can watch a video of the opening of the new Emporium here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi9NCJ43SgU

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