No matter how much time you spend on making your house look the way you want, if the lighting is not correct you will never get that perfect look. The way in which the light interacts with objects it comes into contact with alters the way in which YOU see them. Thinking about how your room is lit should be the building block to creating the design you are looking for.

To begin with lets have a look at some of the basic terminology used. Colour temperature is a good place to start, what is this and how is it used? 

Colour temperature is measured in ºK (Kelvin), the lower measurements starting at around 1000ºK is the light that creates a red tinge to the object. If we look at light temperatures that top the measurement scale they are around 7000ºK. This colour gives a blue tinge to the light and is supposed to replicate daylight. The higher the temperature the more artificial the light starts to look. To finish the mid range light becomes white light at around 5000ºK.

Now, this may all sound a bit confusing but lets bring it back to simpler terms at which temperature you are looking at for different situations. If your looking at refurbishing office lights you will be looking at a colour temperature around 4000ºK, this is giving you a bright daylight look to the lamp. If we go to the complete end of the scale a large warehouse which needs a very clear line of sight will use around 7000ºK giving a very bright and cool light. The temperature which is going to make you feel most at home is between 2700ºK to 3000ºK, this is a much warmer light then used in both the office and warehouse.