As well as supplying a diverse range of high quality luminaires, 299 Lighting can now supply Rako control products for your projects.

With Rako providing the latest in dimming technology, lighting systems can be simple to use, creative, easily installed and cost effective. 299 Lighting can now also assist in specifying the right control panels and modules for your project.

The wireless system available can be a perfect solution for listed buildings or homes without sufficient wiring.

The system can allow the user to set various lighting scenes to suit the interior as well as providing dimming capabilities.


We’ve worked on several projects already using Rako controls and have received a great feedback so far.

Pictured is a 7-scene control panel used in a residential environment.  This was a great solution for this project as there was no need to drill into the walls for wiring.

This system is simple to use with everyone living in the property using it on a daily basis.

Get in touch with the 299 Lighting team today to see how a Rako control system could help your project.