The Bristol shopping Mall is a home to various specialist shops and has been serving customers for over 20 years. The tired looking facilities could not compete with the brand new Cabot Circus nearby and the whole shopping centre was in need of a major refurbishment. 

Both the ground and first floor of the Galleries underwent the well deserved revamp during 2012 as a part of  the first phase of the the £3 mil refurbishment.


Our team worked alongside the award winning consultants Arup assisting with the product selection and technical enquiries. 

The design brief was to source and supply a visually attractive lighting scheme appropriate for the modern shopping environment. High quality lighting for the Food Courts was on top of client's priority list. 

We specified the Vela round (large circular luminaire with 1200mm diameter) as an ideal fitting with it’s clean design and homogeneous light distribution. Vela round offers a superb dimming quality and a perfect finish.

With the exposed ceiling, the large round  feature lighting is an ideal lighting solution for large spaces where an impact is needed.
The first part of the revamp was finished ahead of schedule and was received very positively by public.