Kickstarter currently have an interesting use for the LED; bicycle lighting. The hassle of finding that AAA battery in the morning when your light has decided to die over night is no more, with the introduction of the Magnic Light iC. Using eddy currents created by the strong magnets included in the product mean that it can run off the potential energy created through a turning wheel.

This might sound like old hack but here is the clever part, that the product is contactless. The gap between the wheel and light will allow you to slide a card between them, thus removing all resistance to the wheel.

Winter mornings filled with darkness can be daunting, but with this clever gadget you are no longer in the dark. At a mere 60g the unit will not affect the weight of the bike and the shock-resistant poly carbonate outer shell shows a quality build. The technology within the product means that the light will flash and still run while breaking and waiting at lights.

The Kickstarter campaign has gained a lot of interest and now has just under $150,000 worth of funding which will mean that it can now be pushed into production.