In a special feature today we will have a look at 3 products which could be classified as novelty lighting as they all heavily take inspiration from everyday objects. However, this isn’t to say they are purely novelty and joke products, in fact they are all good, well designed pieces of sculptural lighting!

Buoy & Sea Buoy by Keha3 (Margus Triibmann)

Obviously based on buoys, these fittings give a surreal appearance due to the ethereal glow. Both versions are suitable for outdoors, with the Sea version being resistant to salt corrosion and impact. Using LEDs the unit is low power (only 3W) and is a great feature light for use outdoors or even in a marine themed room.

Lightdrop by Wever & Ducré

The Lightdrop inspired noticeably by a dripping tap. This unusual, contemporary fitting is ideal for modern alternative bathrooms. The manufacturing quality is superb, and the form adds interest to wherever it’s placed.

Gun Lamp by Philipe Starck

These are very iconic lamps, designed by Philipe Starck. The range includes a variety of cast replicas of firearms in gold mounted barrel up forming the lamp stand. It is a sort of juxtaposed design, using something so deadly to create a decorative lamp for the home where you feel safe.