The lighting design for the Olympic Park Stadium had to meet a wide range of requirements. With over 130,000 spectators and officials, a strategy was prepared in the early stages of the design development to provide a sustainable and economic framework for lighting during the games and in the future.  The strategy included demands such as;

  • Maintaining high levels of light during the games for spectators to find their way around the stadium

  • Ensuring safety and security

  • Promoting renewable energy sources

  • Providing a consistent look and feel

  • Have the ability to recycle lighting after the games

  • Using low light levels to reduce energy costs and overall carbon footprint


The park has bespoke circular Halo light sets on columns which compliments the micro wind turbines incorporated on the top. They provide visual interest along the main southern concourse, add to the festival atmosphere, and promote sustainability.

The Parklands and Public Realm is well co-ordinated with lighting to bridges, venues, underpasses and various light-art installations. The lighting is also related to specific landscape features such as the concourse, seating, planters and trees. Warm colour temperatures of 2700-3200K were selected for all the lights throughout the park. The warmest lights are used for the main paths and the cooler lights are installed in the heart of the park to minimise the disturbance to wildlife. All additional power was generated by solar power technology.

You can now see that after the games there is a graduation on colour temperature from warm, through medium to cool. The warmest light was used for main paths and the coolest was used in the heart of the park to minimise disturbance to wildlife.


The use of LEDs has made a huge reduction in power consumption and provided improved quality and distribution of layered light. Each LED luminaire contains advanced lamp and gear technologies that include a sealed optical lens array to provide an even distribution of layered light.

The internal LED tray system was removable to future-proof the luminaire by allowing lamp replacement and upgrade in the future. An energy saving step down DALI control ballast was also introduced so that light levels could be reduced from 15 lux to 5 lux for the North Park after Games.

The lighting will now provide safe routes across the park for pedestrians whilst keeping some areas dark to avoid disturbing existing wildlife. The lighting scheme proved very successful giving a unified look and feel of materials and fixtures across the park. The scheme achieved coordinated lux levels, colour rendition, energy efficiency and generated some considerable cost savings whilst having a positive impact on the environment.