Shop profiles matter because different profiles have different lighting styles. Low budget shops tend to be big box stores using high level uniform general lighting with no accent display lighting e.g. supermarkets, convenience stores. Exclusive shops tend to be much smaller and use low levels of general lighting combined with strong accent and /or display lighting on the merchandise.



The type of lighting and it’s colour temperature is dependent on the type of merchandise on display. Products such as home furniture tends to be displayed in a warm, cosy and homely atmosphere.  This calls for low light levels and a warm colour temperature (2500K-3000K).

Another aspect that warrants consideration when dealing with colour properties of the luminaire is the colour rendition. In general, light sources with a high colour render above 80 should be used in retail premises. It is important not to distort or transform the colour of the products on sale but to reflect its true colour properties. A large majority of retailers enhance certain colours using colour render to their advantage. Take for example a butchers lamp, used to embellish the redness of the meat, which in turn then looks more appealing and fresh.



When creating retail lighting it is essential to balance general lighting, accent lighting and display lighting. For a low budget shop, where there is no accent or display lighting, the average illuminance should be somewhere between 500 – 1000lx. The illuminance should be directed on the merchandise. For shops with widespread use of accent and display lighting, the average general lighting illuminance should be in the range of 100-200 lx. This lower illuminance is necessary for the accent lighting to be effective and should be provided on a horizontal plane at counter level. The use of correct beam angles can also draw in potential customers. Beam angle vary in degrees from narrow 6° to widespread ideal wall washers 60°.


Dimming & Setting a Scene


With dimming controls you are able to set the scene required for your shop floor and therefore set the mood for you customer experience. This control needs to be easily adjusted by the staff so make sure you pick the right control interface otherwise it could become a redundant feature.

There are a couple of things you need to consider when considering the use of track lighting systems in retail:

Control Gear – Make sure your spotlight of choice contains DALI / 1-10V DIM / DSI Dimming or Standard Electronic Ballast.

Global Track – Standard single-circuit track suits most needs but if you’re looking for dimming make sure it's DALI/1-10V DIM/DSI compatible.

When using accent lighting within your retail space you must always consider adaptability. Typical retail clothing shops are required to change their displays frequently. This often involves moving existing POS stands, transferring stock, mannequins and display objects to different parts of the shop floor. Ensure that if you do opt for accent lights they’re easily adaptable and effective to an ever changing shop floor layout.

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