Illuminating points of interest is important for retail, making sure customers can clearly see the products on display, keeping in with the look and brand image.  There are many factors for retail lighting that need to be considered when designing and specifying spotlights.  To make it easier to understand, we have conjured up six tips for making the right choice when it comes to spotlighting.


1. Item of interest needs to be illuminated 3-5 times as high as that on the background

2. Track adapter quality- needs to be smooth, not rough or clunky. Lockable?

3. Colour Rendering- Need to have a high CRI, 80 or above

4. Colour Temperature Consistency- No mixture of different colours

5. Don’t forget vertical illumination- Used for shelving  and people trying on clothes

6. Beam width and smooth edges- Look for good quality reflectors or lenses.

Recommended Products



One of the most attractive spotlight products with its all in one aluminium body, featuring an advanced active cooling system and High-power LED engine. This product is available with power LEDs which are capable of CRI above 90, has adjustable unit rotation and can slide seamlessly on the track- no tools required.


This versatile LED spot is suitable for track connection and is ideal as a retrofit replacement. Mid-point F is available with a Standard COB, XICATO LED, and XICATO VIBRANT LED. The reflector can also be customised to create the desired beam angle.


This simple and adjustable LED spot can tilt 270° and swivel 350° to give you optimum versatility. They are not specific to any particular industry making it a great choice.