Lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of houses, theatres, exhibitions, streets and offices. But how much difference do we notice, just by changing lighting? Here are a few examples of before and after shots, showing the significant difference in visibility, colour, vibrancy and atmosphere.

Street Lighting

This one is the most obvious, theaters switching to LED, this street is dramatically brighter and you can clearly see the road. This not only makes the road safer for motorists but also pedestrians and cyclists. With the roads brightly lit at night good lighting can even reduce crime.

Warehouse Lighting

This large scale warehouse has cut their energy costs by 87% compared when they used to use old sodium lights. It is now brighter and the light level can be controlled via DALI dimming.

Office Lighting

Exhibition Lighting

This office is a much nicer working environment and colours look more vivid after switching to LED.


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This exhibition looks a lot more interesting and eye-catching with the added lighting. This is certainly useful for exhibitors wanting to attract attention.