Restaurants have large overhead costs to consider like everyone else when balancing the books of their business, and their energy bills are a big priority. Besides powering kitchen appliances such as cookers and storage facilities, lighting and computing requirements, restaurants are one of the biggest user groups of electricity across the world. In the USA for example, the annual energy bill for the commercial food sector is estimated to be around $10 billion, according to ‘Energy Star’.

To keep running costs down, and reduce the carbon impact on the environment, several chains and independent establishments are making the change to LED lighting.

The move over to energy efficient LEDs is an intelligent decision to make. With a better power to output ratio, LEDs are a much more efficient solution when compared with fluorescent or halogen light fittings that are commonly found in restaurants.

Besides reducing energy costs, the life and durability of LEDs means a reduction in repairing and maintenance costs. LEDs are becoming increasingly adaptable; their ability to replace traditional lighting setups means they can be found in more locations in and around homes and businesses today.

It isn’t just about cost reduction with LEDs either. All successful restaurants have a theme and strive to create a specific mood for its customers in the hopes that they will return again due to experience that unique ambience. Several factors go into contributing to this, and lighting can make a huge difference to these attributes. An elaborate design layout with tailored colour schemes can be useless if the lighting fails to sufficiently bring out the true tones of those colours.

The LED colour rendering is excellent, and the strength of its bright white light is more pleasing to the eye than the pale yellow hue that can be emitted by older lighting technologies, particularly as their life decreases.

With the same level of importance, a flickering light over a bar area or seating in a dark corner of the room minimises the appeal to diners, and reflects badly on the professionalism of your establishment. Reliable and low maintenance LED fittings will not cause these problems, and with increasing developments in control technologies such as DALI switches, the levels of customisation available for LED lighting is becoming more effective.


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