Restaurant / Café Lighting

Year: 2013

Going to a restaurant should be a special experience, a treat, where we not only want to spoil out taste buds, but other senses too. The right level of lighting can influence the customer’s experience and also save money on the energy bill for the occupier.

The lighting in the restaurant should be similar to lighting in a theatre. Effective lighting design will guide guests to a bar, table, rest rooms or exit. Using variable light levels will create a dramatic effect.


Subtle colour mix lighting turns the bar into a centre stage. Often, the food is displayed in this area too, which creates the desire to consume and imbibe.

A café, or restaurant should take the advantage of natural light as much as possible.


The levels of the lighting should adapt to the type of restaurant and its busiest time of the day. Bright lighting in a café in the morning hours invites people to grab a coffee. Lower light levels are preferred for intimate drinking and dining experiences.

Effective lighting control is achieved by a use of pre-programed dimming controls, where several scenes can be created and managed just by one touch of a button.


We feel we have achieved this during the design and supply of a modern, contemporary lighting solution.