Product Types

Great design, good value, high performance and reliability.

Great design is just part of the story. You will be working to a tight budget and good value is important. You will need performance for demanding situations but with efficiency for an ecologically aware global market. You will also need high reliability for those places where lighting is critical. Our choice of brands is made from a position of expertise and understanding. 299 Lighting are proud of our product selection and only recommend architectural lighting that exactly meet your requirements.

Surface Lighting

Traditionally used as a quick fix for spaces with low or vaulted ceilings. If used in a right context, it can enhance the architecture and create attractive schemes in modern buildings. Use it symmetrically spaced out or scattered, there is some fun to be had with light fittings mounted on the ceiling or walls.

Wall Lighting

A practical solution to lighting spaces with low ceiling height or restricted access. With a bit of imagination, you can use wall lighting to create feature lighting that enhances both modern and period architecture. Will you choose the calm cool of repetitive and symmetrical or bold asymmetrical pattern?

Recessed Lighting

The precise layout of recessed lighting schemes is a result of a thorough design process. Becoming part of the architecture, creating invisible lines of light and seamlessly blending into ceilings or wooden slat walls. Regular or irregular patterns, identical or varied lengths, the choice is yours.

Suspended Lighting

Using suspended direct/indirect luminaires creates comfortable working conditions. Floating in the space, it presents a more creative and flexible approach to lighting in modern offices and architecture. Designed to be installed in continuous rows or used to form shapes such as rectangles and squares.

Free-Standing Lighting

Linear Lighting


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