Architectural & Office Wall Lighting

An additional layer of light






You will often notice wall lighting as you walk down a staircase, or perhaps the lack of it. Providing an additional layer of light, wall mounted lighting can provide an extra depth to surfaces and can turn an otherwise dark and miserable staircase into a light and pleasant space.

Using fewer accessories, the installation is often fairly straightforward and offers a practical solution to lighting modern office spaces with low ceiling height or restricted access. With listed buildings, wall lighting is often the only solution due to restricted access to ceilings, large staircases and lack of daylight.



However, wall mounted lighting does not have to be all utilitarian!



With a bit of imagination, you can use wall mounted luminaires to create feature lighting that enhances both modern and period architecture. Repetitive use and symmetry are the best way of bringing that wow factor into architectural spaces. An irregularity in a pattern, on the other hand, creates interest and draws people towards it.

Wall mounted luminaires can be installed in scattered patterns, aslant, and at an angle creating an effortless ad-hoc design.

We have worked on some slick commercial schemes using linear patterns of wall mounted profiles. The reception area at Strata Stains boasts irregular feature wall lighting slotted into wooden panels. 

Linear wall mounted lighting can be used both vertically and horizontally, distributing light both directly and indirectly. Circular wall lighting can be off-set against walls, distributing an indirect light onto the wall and therefore creating a halo effect.

In the interest of creating a visual focus point in space, various geometrical shapes can be used- from squares, squares with soft edges, circles to rings and tubes, contemporary architecture celebrates the minimalist geometry. 






Wall lighting can also be used for office lighting or architectural lighting projects. Our team has worked on lighting schemes for basement offices with restricted ceiling heights, providing solutions just using wall lighting. For reference, check the office space of the creative branding agency Epoch in Bristol.


Wall mounted luminaires can be installed in between soundproof bars or wooden slats, as a great way of creating calmer zones for relaxation or informal meeting areas.

Often installed at eye-level,  wall mounted lighting can add a premium feel to high-end schemes. Quality of build and material can be admired, adding a whole new texture to commercial interiors. A range of premium wall luminaires from Tobias Grau can do exactly just that.


With contemporary colour finishes, like white and black, wall mounted lighting can blend into the architecture, but - give it a splash of a colour it will stand out - create striking designs and visual interest for everyone to talk about.




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