Great design, good value, high performance and reliability.










Great design is just part of the story. You will be working to a tight budget and good value is important. You will need performance for demanding situations but with efficiency for an ecologically aware global market. You will also need high reliability for those places where lighting is critical. Our choice of brands is made from a position of expertise and understanding. 299 Lighting are proud of our product selection and only recommend architectural lighting that exactly meet your requirements.











Tobias Grau

Premium office and home lighting from German designer and manufacturer Tobias Grau focuses on technically advanced lighting and superbly engineered products. Suitable for high-end office, domestic and retail.


Contemporary technical LED lighting from Spanish manufacturer offering a wide range of innovative lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor. Outstanding value for money and fast turnaround architectural lighting.

Intra Lighting

The Slovenian family business started off as a manufacturer of decorative lighting and in just two decades they have become an established manufacturer of architectural lighting, supplying quality architectural lighting profiles all over the world.

299 Lighting

Our choice of brands and products comes from a position of knowledge and expertise. 299 Lighting are proud of our product selection and will only recommend products that exactly meet your requirements.


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