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What is a cookie?

A small text file that stores internet settings, used commonplace throughout the web. A cookie is downloaded upon your first visit to a website on a device. If the same device revisits a website, the cookie is sent back with the information to the website (1st party) or to another website if that’s where it originates (3rd party). The website uses these cookies to identify if it has been accessed before and alters its content if applicable.


Cookies on the 299 Lighting website

Essential cookies to the use of our website (‘strictly necessary’ cookies) are used to ensure the 299 website functions in the way it as intended. These cookies are strictly use by us and our domain host (but never passed on to 3rd parties) and only remain for the duration of your browsing on our domain. Strictly necessary cookies do not require permission for use.

Performance cookies are also collected throughout the website to analyse how the website is used. The data from which is used to enhance customer experience (i.e. Which pages are receiving the most visits, and which are experiencing error messages). The data collected from these cookies is strictly anonymous.

Functional cookies enable us to see information that already been entered (i.e. in web or contact forms) on our website. This information will never be passed beyond the 299 organisation even if it is hosted by a trusted 3rd party (who themselves will never personally see or send on the information). These cookies can be cleared from your computer at any time (we recommend you inform yourself on how to do this here).

299 uses marketing cookies for the delivery of relevant display marketing. These cookies we hope will deliver you adverts through Google that will interest you and help on projects that you are working on. Again, it is possible to edit your settings to delete these cookies or stop their placement within your browser.

Cookies pertaining to the following website are used on our website, if you’d like to know exact details of cookies used please email your request to Barnaby Giles (Data Handler) at info@299lighting.co.uk.

To learn more about 299 and privacy, please refer to our other relevant pages; GDPR ComplianceLegitimate Interest and Privacy Policy.







We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website and to tailor the relevance of our communications with you. If you continue to browse our website, we’ll assume that you are happy about this. You can manage the cookie setting at any time. To learn more about how the cookies are used on this website, please read here.