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Education lighting.

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Take a human-centric approach to lighting.


Over the years teaching methods have changed considerably, with technology and screens now being a central feature in every classroom. Teaching environments, however, have not necessarily adapted to meet the needs of the pupils and staff that arise from daily use of these technologies. The days of harsh tube light fittings are gone, making way for a human-centric approach to lighting.

The right lighting brings enormous benefits…


Lighting is one of the key factors affecting visual comfort and staff and pupil wellbeing in educational settings. It impacts levels of concentration and feelings of wellness. It helps create a positive image of the school, adds to the aesthetic, creates a sense of space and gives reassurance about security. Correctly specified products can bring longterm savings, through energy efficiency or simply through better lighting control, where light output is selected to facilitate the function of the space. The contribution good lighting makes cannot be underestimated.


299 are sensitive to the specific needs of the Education sector.


It’s not only our product knowledge that sets us apart in lighting design and supply for educational settings, but also our understanding of educational environments, their H&S and financial structures, and the timescales required to avoid term-time disruption. Our work within listed buildings and architecture can also be invaluable when working with heritage properties in educational settings.


Lighting & productivity

Healthy, bright light during the day stimulates our minds, and sets our body clocks to create healthy sleep patterns. Bad lighting can be detrimental to health, and actually affect productivity…


A finely tuned team

Our in-house team is a perfect balance of creatives, technicians and project managers, allowing us to successfully deliver every element of your lighting project


Let’s discuss how good lighting can benefit your environment and your budgets.