I really like how open the office space is, it’s nice to be able to see everyone and talk with each other. In the old office it was difficult to talk to some people as they were hidden in the corners of the building. I definitely feel that we have all gotten closer together.

299 Lighting-Showroom299-lighting-employee-in-office
Rob Lees, Technical Sales Advisor

We now have a table everyone can sit around, this definitely improves the social aspect at work.

Megan Tranter, Senior Lighting Designer

For the last few years, we have been dreaming/talking about having a lush and modern office with greenery. The aesthetic of the new space with facilities, such as the showers encourage us to cycle to work, the potted plants give a sense of wellbeing and I love the extra space in the warehouse for samples and product modifications. It's a lovely spot for the 3D printer - lots of excitement and a bustling environment. As a designer, we are constantly looking for objects, textures, colours, materials to inspire us, because creativity is the key to our success.

Anna Velarde, 3D Designer & Technical Manager

Come and say hello in our new office featuring some cool architectural lighting and the 15.2 meters made to measure curved linear system Lena. Book a tour and you might even get a cake!

Flowers Hill
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