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Exterior Architectural.

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Take our advice to avoid costly pitfalls.


Exterior lighting can be a big investment, so it’s important to take advice in order to avoid any costly pitfalls. Get it right and a beautifully designed lighting scheme will enhance the prestige of your building, adding texture and impact. Get it wrong, and problems such as glare could distract workers inside and cause accidents outside. And then, of course, there’s light pollution and building regulations to consider.

Showcase your building’s assets.


Exterior architectural lighting can be incredibly effective in bringing another dimension to your building; bringing this valuable asset to life long after staff have gone home and the busy day has ended. Use it to pick out interesting architectural elements, flood the walls with colour or images, or to enhance your brand. It can be subtle, stunning, or a showstopper; whatever the brief, the result is always highly effective.


An investment for the long-term.


Exterior lighting has a lot to contend with, be it vandalism, the weather, or careless passersby. You’ll need robust, correctly specified products and systems to stand up to the daily and enduring  wear and tear. Low maintenance, easy to control and cost-effective products are a must. Operating on sensors, energy efficient lighting with robust mounts are a good foundation. That said, there are some fantastic innovations in exterior lighting — let us show you how creative we can be.


Lighting & productivity

Healthy, bright light during the day stimulates our minds, and sets our body clocks to create healthy sleep patterns. Bad lighting can be detrimental to health, and actually affect productivity…


A finely tuned team

Our in-house team is a perfect balance of creatives, technicians and project managers, allowing us to successfully deliver every element of your lighting project


Looking to add another dimension to your building?