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Heritage lighting.

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Impressive buildings require impressive solutions.


Our wonderful and varied architectural history means that we can enjoy a wealth of listed and protected buildings throughout the world, celebrating all the history and heritage with which they are imbued. The number of such buildings occupied by businesses has risen by 150+% in the UK since 2002. The appeal? With impressive architecture and character, and generous proportions, these handsome buildings are highly adaptable to the modern business.

It takes experience to get it right. And we have it.


These character properties also come with their own issues. Without the right experience, the lack of daylight, high ceilings, quirky corners and thick walls can make lighting these spaces a challenge. All things considered, there’s a wonderful opportunity to maximise the aesthetic value of these magnificent buildings by picking out the features that make them so unique. This needs to be done in a way that is sympathetic to the architecture and reflects the interior styling.


We offer a very personalised service.


Our considerable experience in this area gives us the edge in heritage projects, where we offer a very personalised service. In addition to light fixtures themselves, switches and other fittings must be in-keeping with the interior scheme, to create a consistent look and feel. We consider every detail in our holistic approach. Having gained a complete understanding of the site, the building and the project brief, we will prepare a scheme beautifully tailored your needs. This scheme will be illustrated through 3D visualisation, and samples will be provided where appropriate.


Lighting & productivity

Healthy, bright light during the day stimulates our minds, and sets our body clocks to create healthy sleep patterns. Bad lighting can be detrimental to health, and actually affect productivity…


A finely tuned team

Our in-house team is a perfect balance of creatives, technicians and project managers, allowing us to successfully deliver every element of your lighting project


When it comes to heritage properties you need a lighting expert.