The Benefits of DIALux Evo 7 Update.


DIALux has been a trusted software used at 299 Lighting for calculating and visualising the impact of lighting on a space since 2009 upon the company's inception. 

With their latest development, DIALux Evo 7, we now have the capacity to IFC import and create more efficient workflows.


299 Lighting has used DIALux software to accurately calculate and visualise the impact of lighting upon buildings for eight years. With frequent developments, DIALux has always be trusted to help us meet modern lighting needs, enabling us to plan and design using the electronic luminaire catalogues of the world's leading luminaire manufacturers, superimpose the CAD data of other architectural programmes and create our own lighting designs. Further to this DIALux also allows for a quick energy evaluation and coloured light scenes with LEDs or colour other changing luminaires. However, the release of DIALux evo 7 has made this programme more useful to us with a range of new features. 

The major focus of DIALux evo 7 is to make work processes faster and more efficient. Through its new calculation options it now allows the use of existing plans containing furniture layout (meaning that you no longer have to manually add furniture to your plans) but if you wish to see how light would affect the space without that furniture then it is possible for those fittings to be ignored in the calculation. Another new option is the ability to see only direct light's effect on a space.

After calculations are made, DIALux evo 7 allows for the easy evaluation of photometric results (light levels as perceived by the human eye) as Isolux lines and value graphics are automatically produced. You may also select the light levels you wish to see and that level will also be depicted through a new Isolux line. 



Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the planning and maintenance of building projects and DIALux have improved their production of BIM by being the first lighting design software to provide the import of BIM Interface IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). This means that complete or parts of buildings can be exported automatically from other CAD applications and saving you the time of constructing them!


The increased ability to plan the effect of lighting around furniture shows an increased sentiment to look at how employees’ space is impacted. This is a direct consequence of the shift of employers’ focus on enhancing well-being in the workplace. If you like to know more about this subject please look at our article here.


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