Latest Lighting Trends in Design & Technology for 2018.


What is in and what are the trends to follow?

Every two years, the lighting world descends on Frankfurt to celebrate all things lighting. The worlds' biggest lighting fair, Light+Building is where the international innovations in lighting and building technology are being presented. For people working in the industry, this is the highlight of the year where new products are being launched, new trends being revealed and new technology introduced.

Every two years, we set off to drive down the Autobahn and head to Frankfurt in order to soak up the unique atmosphere of this huge event. With a two-year-old toddler on board and heavy snow forecasted, this years visit was set to be dramatic from the start.

There is a lot to see and digest and one could easily become overwhelmed by all the exciting shiny objects. We tried to stay focused on what's relevant to our market, it's quite hard to when you feel like a kid in a sweetshop! 

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So, we made it to Frankfurt just in time before the snow hit the city. As for keeping the toddler busy, there was plenty to keep her entertained at each stand.



The Focus has now shifted to the quality of light and the people who use the product. The industry is aware that both the colour and temperature of light have a strong impact on productivity, health and well-being. It focuses on the emotional and biological impact of lighting on people.

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Sunlike LED by Seoul Semiconductors transforms LED technology by removing the blue LED light source and replacing it with a purple chip. It claims to be the closest to the sun on the market. Some of our products already use the Sunlike technology. Check the Oka Suspended and Surface and Rio Suspended and Surface product pages for more details.



When the German manufacturer Tobias Grau launched the XT-A product using the OSA (open structure antiglare) technology over 8 years ago, their aim was to focus on beautiful and comfortable, shadow-freelighting. Tobias Grau was at the forefront of the industry in terms of thinking ahead. After years of focus on efficiency, comfortable lighting has now caught up, small symmetrical reflectors are back in fashion. Micro diffusers are looking sleeker and sexier than before, but the idea is the same. Diffusers soften the output of light to make it comfortable for human eye. Check out the Mono and Multi-optic linear downlight FOSS in our range.



Lighting controls used to be hidden away in an ugly box but intelligence is now moving inside the actual luminaires. Light fittings not only illuminate but include drivers, PIR sensors, Bluetooth and emergency lighting.



Architectural lighting is still strongly referencing the geometry through lines, rings, circles and triangles. With further exploration through triangles and linear shapes with soft edges. The contemporary designs are minimalist and sleek. The advancement in technology is allowing custom sizes and angles all in a bid to enhance contemporary architecture.

Lines are not just straight anymore! The curved linear profiles are very much on trend and allow even more daring design schemes. Talk to us about using curved linear profiles on your project.

Curved linear profiles are being taken further by technological advancement of the profiles and diffusers that can trace the shape of architecture.



Contemporary black and white are still in fashion. So what is the new exciting colour infusing the personality into commercial interiors? Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two years, you must have noticed. Bronze is everywhere. And there are plenty of shades of bronze to choose from!



It's not just the big eye-catching feature luminaires that steal the show. Many manufacturers brought smaller pendants that are used in large clusters to create a visual impact.

This is an interesting trend to follow and one to look forward to. We should see a more playful approach in design, with different colours and shapes of smaller luminaires in one design. It's something that design professionals should enjoy.



The biophilic trend is here to stay and grow. Incorporating real moss into part of architectural luminaires might sound a bit bonkers, but it is definitely something everyone will talk about! The Slovenian manufacturer Intra lighting integrates moss which is imported from Iceland into their architectural luminaires. Not only is it nice to touch, but its lush green colour really brightens the interior. The moss uses the moisture in the air to live and the lush colour definitely lifts spirits in a workplace or public space. We can't wait to get the first one onto a scheme!



Noise pollution is a by-product of open office space. More and more lighting manufacturers are now looking to integrate acoustic properties into luminaires. The market really is going that way, and it seems lighting can do so much more than just provide illumination! There is plenty of materials and colours to choose from, so the designers should relish the opportunity of bringing more colour and texture into workplace!


Feeling inspired?

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed and design is mirroring contemporary interior design and architecture. Get in touch to find out more!

Georgina Bidder