Legitimate Interest

With the implementation of GDPR we at 299 Lighting have had to justify our continued contact to all individuals. We hope that we only message those people who will genuinely benefit from our communication. We’ve created several rules for which to classify members of our database as having legitimate interest.

Obviously, this only applies in instances where persons have not granted their consent or worked with us on previous projects.


We consider those in our database to have legitimate interest when they have;

Worked in the construction industry AND

Work on projects that require lighting services AND

Sent (positive*) emails to the company OR

Opened 2+ of our email campaigns (within last 2 years) OR

Opened our email campaigns and clicked further into content within it (within last 2 years) OR

Inquired into our services OR

Been involved in a project that we have worked alongside them on OR

Referred to us by Customers or Suppliers who genuinely believe that we are of interest to them.


In the instance of admin, info and company emails they need to satisfy both top rules but as they pertain to the company, there is no need to give consent.

We accept that we might have got the interest of individuals wrong in some instances despite our best efforts to discern it legitimately. You may always request that we remove your data and we will comply and return to you within 72 hours.  

*emails that relate to the services of 299 or products we sell. 


To learn more about 299 and privacy, please refer to our other relevant pages; Cookie PolicyGDPR Compliance and Privacy Policy.


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