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Mixed use lighting.

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Mixed-use developments and creative lighting schemes go hand in hand.


The new urban style mixed use developments are evolving quickly. Here space is used in different ways to allow people to live, work and play within the same complex or structure. Lighting has a big part to play in the creation of distinct environments that cater to specific need. As well as correct product specification, regulatory requirements are a key element of lighting design in these setting, where a variety of interior and exterior lighting schemes are required.

Complex lighting landscapes don’t have to be complicated.


From living spaces to F&B areas, workplaces to leisure facilities, and security to exterior architectural, lighting needs are varied and prolific. This can be a complex lighting landscape to navigate, but in the right hands can be incredibly successful — even a lasting legacy. Taking a holistic view of the project is key, not only to continuity, but also to minimising downtime during project delivery.

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299 can help minimise potential risk.


By joining your project in the earliest stages, we are able to minimise the potential risk of incorrect specification, over-running budgets and timescales, and regulatory non-compliance. Having access to this specialist knowledge and experience from the outset can deliver considerable financial and time savings across the project.


Lighting & productivity

Healthy, bright light during the day stimulates our minds, and sets our body clocks to create healthy sleep patterns. Bad lighting can be detrimental to health, and actually affect productivity…


A finely tuned team

Our in-house team is a perfect balance of creatives, technicians and project managers, allowing us to successfully deliver every element of your lighting project


Let’s talk about your complex lighting landscape.