For the first time in the country, Bath & North Somerset council have converted all of their main roads to energy saving, LED technology. This has meant huge savings in energy costs- up to £200,000 per year to be precise, mainly because they are much less expensive to maintain. 

How LED Lighting can make you compliant with building regulations


In terms of carbon emissions, they will be cut by over 780 tonnes and will be saving more than 1.5 million Kilowatts an Hour in energy. This saving adds up to 3% of the council’s total energy consumption.

The council has made an outstanding effort in replacing the lighting across the area and have achieved an award-winning 4,000 replacements. They have worked in partnership with Philips to supply the LED lights which helped progress the project.

How does it help the locals?

The new LEDs are safer than the previous sodium lights, with a brighter white light, the road ahead is a lot clearer and more visible- reducing traffic incidents and possible street crime. The conversion also included intelligent lighting lanterns which adjust their output in accordance with the amount of traffic using the road.

This is a great alternative than turning street-lighting off to save energy- now they can be kept on whilst saving the local tax payer tens of thousands of pounds on energy costs.

Is the future LED?

It’s clear that converting to LED technology makes a dramatic difference to energy consumption and is something really worth considering when working on new lighting projects. It is thought that LED technology will be welcomed by other councils across the country, especially at a time when the government is cutting funding.

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