The Modern Pantry belongs to the trendy food establishments in London’s Clerkenwell. The doors of Anna Hansen’s first restaurant opened in 2008 and the Modern Pantry has become a popular part of Clerkenwell’s culinary scene.

The long awaited second venture opened earlier in September 2015. The new restaurant is housed in the recently refurbished Alphabeta.  The beautiful Art Deco building at Finsbury Square sets a grand entrance to the new restaurant.

The Danish roots of the restaurant owner Anna Hansen were encaptured through the midcentury Danish design featuring solid wood surfaces and modernist chairs and tables. The bespoke porcelain pendants as the main feature lighting of the restaurant puts the proverbial cherry on the cake.



Our team supplied the LED spotlighting for the main bar area. The adjustable and dimmable spots offer flexibility for the hospitality areas. The client’s interest in interior dictated the minimalist look of the spots. The minimalist trim blends into the ceiling.

Restaurants have varied areas and choosing the right lighting for each area is crucial for guiding visitors through the space and creating the right atmosphere.

The service zones should have more light than the tables. The LED spotlighting is easy to install and the latest technology ensures low energy consumption and low thermal output. The recommended colour temperature for restaurants is 2700K, creating a pleasant warm light.

The lighting was supplied on time for the opening and to the satisfaction of the client.



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