This stunning Grade II listed Georgian house situated in Central London has been in use since the mid 19th century. The new owners envisaged this classic property to be turned into an exciting and fully functional office space. 299 Lighting worked closely with the award winning Russell Taylor architects assisting to achieve the contemporary style revamp.

The aim was a seamless integration of the modern clean design with the historical character of the building. The house has been stripped of accumulated untidiness and converted into a high-end office space.

A full lighting design was completed by 299 team to ensure sufficient lighting levels were achieved in each room with various ceiling heights and room sizes taken into account. The office lighting for listed buildings can look contemporary- the slim disk luminaire  Talla from the 299 range was used consistently throughout in each room. It’s seamless appearance is an excellent choice for a minimalist and timeless design. 

The Talla LED was used as both surface mounted and suspended to allow for various ceiling heights and the variety of diameters accounted for the diverse room sizes. The opal diffusers give a clean, contemporary look bringing out the details of the architecture and lending a level of quality, homogenous light.

To bring additional layers of light to space and making use of the room’s contours, the Caleo-W3 was mounted on the walls. These stylish fittings allow an even direct-indirect light to lend more light when it is needed.

Following the opal diffusers and anodised finish of the Talla fittings, the Caleo-W3 continues the theme perfectly.

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