Earlier on in the year, 299 Lighting embarked on a new adventure by moving into a new and modern office based in Brislington, Bristol.As a renowned lighting design and supply company, it was only right that we installed products from our high quality product ranges.

The brief was to develop a creative space, moving away from conventional small office lighting. Our lighting should encourage interaction within the studio and complying with LG7 and BS EN 12464 regulations.

As pictured you can see the open studio layout featuring Tobias Grau ‘XT-A Long’ luminaires at the back of the room, sleek-looking, free-standing architectural luminaires.

They feature both direct and indirect light distribution to illuminate the high ceiling and the task area below whilst providing low glare.

Finished in a satin Black, they really look the part creating a modern impression when you first enter the room. Complementing the other side of the desks are the 'XT-A Floor' luminaires. With integrated sensor controls, these fittings save energy by turning off and on when members of the team frequently come in and out of the office. Using floor standing luminaires gives us the freedom to move the fittings around easily and rearrange them whenever we deem fit.

Looking at the centre back wall, we made the surface more visually interesting by installing a Lightnet direct/indirect profile as a contemporary, decorative centre piece. To the left of the back wall is a Tobias Grau 'XT-A Compact Wall' This stylish fitting compensates for the lack of natural light in this area and makes the corner of the room more inviting.

This section of the room pictured above is a great area for small meetings, socialising and dining (the best part of the day). The feature pendant suspended over the table emphasises this area creating sufficient light on the surface. In the background are Lyner fittings from our Wever & Ducre range, suspended above the worktop as a decorative space filler.


If you’re in the area, feel free to pop in to our new and exciting office to have a look around. If you require a fresh and modern office lighting fit-out, then get in touch on 0203 7737530


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