ITRS has been delivering bespoke real-time performance and capacity insights to global businesses for over 18 years. The company has outgrown their existing office space and having reached the end of their tenancy agreement, ITRS recently relocated to the their new premises at 15 Bonhill Street in Shoreditch.

The award winning design and build company Oktra worked closely with the client on designing the best office space, enabling a flow between each department and making sure that each department could carry out their daily functions. Oktra undertook a design workshop and staff engagement process to outline the design brief.



The key to the brief was to create a focal point within the space. The break out zones enable agile working environments and create informal working areas, meeting spaces and bench desking.

The minimalist open plan space with high-end acoustic furniture was calling for contemporary feature lighting.

The suspended office feature lighting used for ITRS open space office was the Wax-P1 and Caleo-P2 from Lightnet. Both the circular and square luminaires with soft edges were positioned between the acoustic baffles with the aim of adding a visual interest to the space.




The omnidirectional Wax-P1 with matte opal diffuser emits uniform light with a warm colour temperature. The luminaire with 490 mm diameter is suitable for offices and break out areas. The 70 mm deep body creates a presence in the space and the unique design of the fitting turns the whole body of the luminaire into one large diffuser.

The soft square suspended office luminaire Caleo-P2 has a direct/-indirect light distribution. Its seamless super slim 25 mm deep body is a perfect feature for any modern office space. The uniform light and warm colour temperature of the LED model blends the form and function into one. Both Wax-P1 and Caleo-P2 are dimmable and are available in several different sizes based on the lamp source.

The feature lighting made a functional and visual contribution to ITRS’ new contemporary office space. The high standard office fit out represents client’s brand and offers the staff a cool and comfortable place to work.

We specialise in architectural office luminaires at 299 Lighting, why not get in touch to see if our in-house design team can provide a lighting scheme to suit your project requirements? Call us on 0203 7737530 or use our contact form.




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