Retail lighting is an art that can turn an otherwise bland, uninspiring space into something of a theatrical experience. Being aware of the way that lighting can affect your customers' shopping experience can have a huge impact on your bottom line. The result: greater profits and higher engagement. In this article we will explain how.

Ambient Lighting

General lighting – also known as ambient lighting – is the main source of light. It should be balanced across your entire store and ensure the space isn't gloomy. Customers should feel comfortable by the way it feels so they don't have to strain their eyes to focus. This is especially important in store corners and tight quarters that aren't particularly well lit.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is for focused lighting. It's used to illuminate areas where more light will aid functionality. Install task lighting at check outs, help desks, entrances and dressing rooms – basically anywhere that will help either your employees or customers. Think about your cashiers; all that counting can take its toll, especially if they're straining their eyes.

Accent Lighting

When you need to highlight specific areas, displays, products or décor, use accent lighting. This will enhance the target, giving it an added sense of purpose. Stores often use accent lighting to highlight new products and emphasize window displays. The colour temperature and hue will affect different products in different ways, either enhancing their appearance or making them look worse. Lighting designers are often brought in to ensure store owners get it right. 

Decorative Lighting

If your store doesn't look the part you will inevitably lose business. Decorative lighting will add a sense of sophistication to the space. Imagine a jewellery store. Each item is carefully placed on display, in pristine specious conditions, and under immaculate lighting. Jewellers know exactly how important it is to make a good first impression and to create an emotional bond. When buying decorative lighting, steer clear of fads. Just think, there was a time when neon lights were all the rage, but in the modern world they look tacky. Choosing the pick-of-the-day will rarely work in your favour.

Natural Lighting

Don't just think about lighting in terms of bulbs and lamps. Natural lighting will go a long way with the correct interior placement. Utilise windows and skylights. The sun is your most powerful ally and can do wonders for your staff, customers and energy bills!

Many department stores and large retail chains employ specialist lighting designers to help them create a uniform, branded and visually appealing space. While this may seem unnecessary for a small business, it could still boost your sales. Fundamentally, lighting impacts every aspect of the retail experience, from brand perception to enhancing the mood. If you want to succeed in the business you must factor it into your design plans as early as possible.

If you’re looking for a lighting designer in the retail space, give us a call on 0117 942 2512 or send us an email using info@299lighting.co.uk.


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