Skydome, 2015


After Skydome’s entrance sign caught on fire back in February 2012, the iconic night post was in need of a refurbishment.

At the end of 2014, the 299 Lighting team was approached by the electrical contractor working on the project.

Our team was involved in the design process from the initial stage. The design brief was to create a dramatic contrast from the black ceilings using large architectural circular lighting. The original design for the entrance hall leading up to the staircase included disk luminaires, arranged randomly in several sizes mixed with acoustic panels.

Due to cost cutting, the acoustic panels were taken out of the scheme and replaced with a circular architectural lighting of the identical size.

The Talla, a suspended disk pendant with direct light distribution, was used in the scheme. The 900 mm diameter disks have a presence and the microprismatic lens at 4000K offers a smooth contrast against the black ceilings. All the disk pendants are DALI dimmable and selected luminaires were also equipped with an emergency pack.

The lighting was supplied before Christmas and provided with an extended warranty. The large size suspended luminaires are a great feature product creating a cool dramatic effect.

If you are looking to specify feature luminaires for public spaces and circulation areas such as this project, why not have a browse through our suspended luminaires using our Product page?



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