BDP, 2016


Approached by the major international practice, Building Design Partnership, we were asked to assist with the design and supply of a visually striking entrance area for their Bristol studio. Established in 1961, BDP are renowned for creating outstanding places around the world, with their interdisciplinary teams of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists. Our team were thrilled to be involved with the lighting of their Bristol home.


The space was originally used as standard desking area and needed to provide a more welcoming atmosphere to visitors of the studio, creating a good first impression. The 299 team worked closely with the interior designer from the sketched concept stage, right through to installation. This involved specifying products that could give the required level of light and matched the look and feel of the space.

Part of the brief was to create a collaboration space, to encourage staff interaction and teamwork. The long meeting table was lined with black & gold pendants to make a feature of the table spaces. This is complimented by a working wall where designers can pin drawings and sketches for presenting, all illuminated with wall washing, snoot downlights.

The Lopen LED Surface was introduced to give clean lines of light on the black ceiling, blending in with the Black finish. This luminaire is also installed over the reception area in a White finish which evokes a contemporary, modern look. These linear led products work well, emphasising the architecture of the concrete beam, featured through the centre of the space.

Overall the client was extremely happy with the outcome of the project, with no problems throughout. 299 Lighting are proud to have our mark on one of the top architectural practises in the UK and hope this inspire projects in the future. 





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