Office, Architectural and Industrial




Correct use of lighting in a commercial environment is a result of knowledge of specific applications and experience based on problem-solving. Our natural interest in all things design makes us explore the current trends in architecture and office fit out. We understand the importance of performance and efficiency and the growing interest in the well-being of staff (as such our products come with a choice of dimming options).



At 299 LIGHTING.  


We specialise on office lighting, architectural lighting and lighting for industrial environments. We successfully delivered lighting to numerous commercial applications all over UK and constantly strive to improve our knowledge.




Having closely worked with Architects and Designers, 299 Lighting specialises in the design and supply of Architectural Lighting.


In an environment where high performance is needed the most, 299 Lighting offer a range of luminaires specifically designed for warehouses, loading bays or manufacturing spaces.


299 Lighting have successfully created inspiring office interior lighting designs and supplied innovative LED products to suit a wide variety of workspaces.