Our new commercial lighting retrofit service reLUMEN8TM is designed for reducing both the upfront cost of a lighting upgrade to LED and the energy consumption of the system. 

reLUMEN8 - Lighting Retrofit Service - 299 Lighting

Why choose reLUMEN8TM?

We all know that switching to LED reduces overhead costs - but some budgets don't allow for a complete replacement of lighting systems.

Not only does our reLUMEN8 light retrofit service save the upfront cost of replacing existing fittings, it also reduces the environmental impact of making the switch to LED.

The reLUMEN8TM process.

Schedule a call.

If you are considering retrofitting existing fittings, schedule a call with one of our Light Engineers. We will take details like images, location etc, and discuss the service.


We collect a sample fitting for a review, which our engineers will assess for viability of an upgrade and draw up a quote. An additional site survey can also be booked at this stage.

Collection, refurb and delivery.

We bring the existing fittings back to our specialised facility to perform the refurbishments. When complete, we deliver them back to your site - ready for a contractor to install.

Commercial Lighting Retrofit

End to end solution.

Lighting retrofit means keeping the existing body of the luminaire and replacing the internal parts and replacing ballast with a new high efficiency LED driver. New LED inserts, diffusers and sensors can be introduced for pretty much any commercial luminaries.

Once the luminaries have been retrofitted, we offer a renewed 5 years warranty. 

Schedule a call.

The clock is ticking.

With traditional fluorescent tube lighting being phased out in 2023, and EPC requirements for commercial buildings getting stricter, now is the time to get upgrade your lighting.

Book a call with one of our experienced Lighting Engineers now.