Presenting CIBSE and CPD Service approved CPDs

299 Lighting are now a part of the CIBSE and The CPD Service providers network, offering a range of free CPD seminars on topics that are particularly close to our heart. Expand your knowledge and gain points for your Continuing Professional Development.

What’s in the box?

The seminars have been specifically designed for professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge on a specific subject with the opportunity to ask questions. Each seminar offers a bite-size “immersion session” into a subject, lasting one hour. We are currently offering the CPDs as live online sessions only.

  • Jargon Buster.
    We will demystify the industry jargon and run through things you were perhaps always curious about, but too afraid to ask.

  • Real life examples based on case studies.
    With over thousands of completed projects under our belt, we have come across the most varied and complex of scenarios. This allows us to support the theory with real life examples. Nothing beats that.
  • Building a connection to our project team.
    By completing any of our CPDs, you will get an insight into what we do and what’s new at 299, making it easier to establish a fast connection to our project team.

  • Question time.
    Each session allows plenty of time for questions, making sure you will get the best out of the seminar. We will make sure that everyone can keep up with the presenter, so if there is something on your mind, just fire away.

The 299 CPD vault

Lighting touches everything around us. It enhances architecture, determines the perception of a brand and affects the human body. Our collection of the CPDs reflect our internal capability and the areas of the market we are particularly involved with. We are driven by great design, engineering and technology and hopefully this will shine through the seminars we offer.

Wireless Lighting Controls

In the age of portable technology, we are able to control buildings within a few clicks on the screen. The growing expectations on sustainability, flexibility and connectivity put a great demand on commercial lighting. This seminar looks at the benefits of using wireless control systems in the workplace.

Workplace Lighting Design

With the new guidelines and more “appearance driven” schemes, workplace lighting is calling for new technologies, better use of daylight and responsible use of energy. This seminar explores how to design good lighting schemes to suit the common types of commercial developments in the UK.

Emergency Lighting Design

Staying up to date with the legislation and understanding the responsibilities and standard requirements when designing a commercial scheme can be a complex business. This seminar looks deeper at responsibilities related to emergency lighting design and procurement.

WELL Standard Lighting & Wellbeing

Our latest CPD dedicated to the WELL standard (lighting and wellbeing) is written and designed to educate, keep you engaged, and well entertained. The seminar takes us to a place that has been a subject of science fiction for a very long time.

Organise a CPD for your team now!

With the technology evolving constantly, specifying lighting can be a complex business. Brush up your knowledge, explore the new developments in commercial lighting and gain CPD points with our online CPD sessions. We run the sessions for smaller teams or entire practices.

Treat yourself to some light bites

Complete a CPD seminar and claim your tasty graze box on us. You are welcome.

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You will be sent a unique code upon the CPD completion so you can choose from seven delicious snack boxes to share with your loved ones. Or just enjoy it yourself.

Book your CPD

Please note, that we usually run the CPDs for teams or entire practices. These can be lunchtime or breakfast seminars, but we are equally happy to run a session at a time that is convenient for your practice.