The Benefits of the Magnetic Track Lighting System.

There is a new kid on the block. In recent years, the sleeker, more efficient and flexible 48v track lighting is gaining more popularity in commercial projects. We supplied the 48V track system on several projects, most notably for the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Michael Faraday House in Stevenage.

So what is the 48V track light and why should you consider using the low voltage track light?

bento pdf copyWhat is 48V track?

The 48v track consists of three main parts-

  • Track system - the 48v track is slimmer than the traditional Euro or Global track system. Some of the track systems could go as slim as ⅓ of a traditional track system. This is great news for minimalists. The whole lighting system looks sleeker and the ceiling is less cluttered.

  • Low voltage track can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It can be surface mounted, suspended or recessed.

  • The Luminaires - The individual items like spots, pendants or lit sections can be attached by clips or magnets;



48V Track Suspended Ball | Nexia


48V Track Linear | Nexia singular shot


Linear Lit Section



Lighting Controls


 48V track lighting systems offer advanced lighting control options. Wireless light control, e.g. with Casambi Bluetooth or Zigbee, gives the user a   possibility to control the light via app.

  • Smart Integration: Integration with smart home systems allows remote control, scheduling, and scene customization.

  • Zone Lighting: Segments of the track can be grouped and controlled separately, allowing dynamic lighting setups for different purposes.

  • Adaptive Lighting: Automated lighting adjustments based on natural light levels or user preferences contribute to energy savings.


48 TRACK Eye Spotlight default 2-1


Key advantages

  • Flexibility - The modular nature of the track system allows for easy repositioning of luminaires, allowing flexible illumination for changing layouts or design preferences.

  • Energy efficiency-  the lower consumption of electricity contributes to lower operational costs. The 48V system is more efficient than the traditional 220-240V system at the point of conversion. The conversion occurs at the track power feed rather than at each individual luminaire. As a rough guide, there is approximately 10% energy reduction using the low voltage track lighting system.

  • The cost of procurement is roughly the same as with conventional LED system

  • Two systems can co-exist in one space: 48V systems can be installed into spaces using LED lighting. We installed a 48V track system in one part of our office showroom. 

  • Dimming Capabilities: Many 48V track lighting systems are compatible with dimming controls, allowing precise control over light levels and energy usage.

  • Minimized Heat Generation: Low-voltage LED lighting generates less heat, contributing to a comfortable environment and reducing cooling costs.

  • Simple installation




Ready to join the 48V revolution?

48V track lighting systems combine versatility, energy efficiency, and enhanced lighting control to offer a comprehensive lighting solution for various settings. From residential spaces to commercial establishments, these systems provide designers and users with the tools to create the desired ambiance, conserve energy, and optimize lighting functionality.



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