In order for a project to achieve Net Zero, lighting must be well designed and thoughtfully sourced. As a lighting product manufacturer, we recognise the responsibility of placing our products on to the UK construction market, and as such we make all our decisions with sustainability in mind.

Low Carbon Lighting for Sustainability

Product lifecycle.

With the growing demand for sustainable lighting in order to reach the Net Zero targets, we have taken this challenge seriously and issued documents using the CIBSE TM65 methodology for all of our products.

We carefully choose products to add to our selection, and know exactly how much embodied carbon is in each. We can share it with you upon request.


Gone is the polystyrene, endless plastic packaging and paper instructions. We constantly push our suppliers for better environmental options when it comes to packaging. Every package we send is ISO 14001:2015 compliant, so you can place an order with peace of mind.

Sustainable Indoor Lighting for Offices

We manufacture to order.

As a project company, we don’t hold any stock. All luminaires are made to order so nothing goes to waste.

Not only is this good for the environment, but it also means that our lighting is always tailored perfectly to your specific project.

Our reLUMEN8 scheme.

reLUMEN8 Retrofit - Sustainable Lighting UK

We now offer a full refurbishment and upgrades to increase the life span of existing luminaires. We take old fluorescent fittings, keep the body, and change the internal system to LED. This saves money on the upgrade to LED, as well as reducing the running costs and operational carbon of the luminaires.

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