Unlimited applications.

LED tape itself often goes unnoticed - and that is exactly how it's supposed to be. Hidden in a joinery, it emits a subtle glow. It's that nice extra layer of light making the space feel more comfortable, and the interior fit out more premium.

Commercial LED tape.

We offer professional grade LED tape products from renowned manufacturers like LedsC4, Nexia and other UK manufacturers. These professional led strip products offer wide range of outputs, smart functionality and plenty of different housing options for led tape profiles to allow you to follow shapes and structures as required.

Light where you need it.

The 3D Led tape lighting adapt easily to any shapes and surfaces, allowing you to create continuous and infinite effects anywhere. With the easy cutting and installation, the led tape light is becoming a popular option in commercial fit out projects.

Waterproof led tape light.

The exterior led tape is a great way of bringing accent lighting to atriums, swimming pools or garden areas. Thanks to led tape connectors, you can ensure the IP65 led tape  

Led strip

LED strip. LED tape channel. And diffuser. Simple.

We can help you achieve the look and feel, exactly how you imagine it.  All you need to choose is the LED strip, the type of the linear housing and the diffuser.  Wether it's an RGBW LED tape, dimmable LED tape, or 3D led tape, we can help you select every element to suit your space.  Short timescales and modest budgets are no obstacles, in fact they give us a chance to shine.



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